Competition: Tip the Champions League and play 60,000 crowns!

The Champions League is here and EuroFotbal will again miss the winning competition for interesting winnings. Join and play a stake of 60,000 crowns from Fortuna’s betting office! The competition principle is simple. Draw the order of the basic Teams of the Champions League, tip the exact match results, collect as many points as possible, and earn a Unibet bonus bet share of thirty thousand winnings over the base groups. The competition is divided into several rounds and the prizes are distributed in each of them, so the chance for the winners will be the ones who will join later. A further $ 30,000 will then be split between the contestant in the spring of next year, when the Champions League will reach its elimination phase. Just two simple terms are needed to join the competition. The first is registration at, the second is the registration with Fortuna.In both cases, of course, free of charge. If you do not have enough participation, but you also want a chance to win one of the prizes, you must meet the third requirement – to close at least one bet at Fortuna during the winning round. The exact conditions are found in the competition rules. Have you met at least the first two Unibet conditions? Then nothing prevents you from starting. Before starting the tournament, be sure to fill out your tips for the final order of the basic groups, for the correct teams or for the progressive players you will receive the bonus points. The order of all groups needs to be typed by Tuesday 13.9. until 20:45, ie until the beginning of the first Champions League matches. Then you can start playing the game.The exact results are tipped, you can get up to five points for each tip, depending on how much they differ from the actual result. Tips can be changed, of course, until the start of the match. You’ll find everything you need on the contest pages. The tips, ranking and Unibet ranking of each round, each competitor’s tips, pricing, or complete rules for each competitor, read carefully before joining the competition. If you want to compare your art with colleagues or friends, you can add them to your order, where you will find a clear table. We believe that your competition is intrigued and entertained for the duration of the Champions League . We wish you good luck!