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Jankto hung for the first time in Serie A, and AS Roma continues to beat Džeko

Czech midfielder Jakub Jankto scored his first goal in the Italian football league, in the Juventus Turin network. Udine, however, lost 1: 2 on the field. Juventus heads the table with a five-point lead on AS Rome. One of the Pilsen rivals in the European League team won in the 3rd round of the 3rd round in Naples and moved in the table just before it. The Romans at the San Paolo stadium won the first time since December 2011.

Jankto caught the defeat of Juventus in the 30th minute and shot Buffon in the middle of the goal. The 21-year-old representative was given a chance in the first set of the first match of coach Luigi Delneri on the Udine bench and was rewarded with confidence in the best possible way.He has led the UEFA Champions League duel to help the Lvivatas win 4-1 against Moldavia with two goals. But from standard situations, Dybala has been appointed and turned the game. Shortly before the break he managed to make a perfect kick and shortly after the change of sides he made a perfect turn. Close to the finish was Zapata, but Buffon showed a reflexive approach to the goal line. Udine got one point from the last five duels.

Napoli has scored more of the game for the first half, two minutes before the break, but AS has scored a rare chance.The balls of the bulls lost the ball in their own lime, Salah put him in front of Džek’s goal and he was not mistaken.

The Bosnian representative, shortly after the break, sent Florenzi a straight kick and with seven goals moved to the head of the Serie A. Still, AS Roma, Luciano Spalletti, is not completely satisfied with him. “I congratulate him on two goals, but it’s not just about it. In Italy, players are ranked only according to how many times they score and people tend to ignore the rest of the match,”

p> “Džeko has to be more ruthless. In the first half there were four or five options where he could be dangerous for the rival.He is an exceptional player, but with his physical background and technical capabilities he has more, “added a coach.

” I feel good and people believe me. I am pleased with myself, but especially I am happy for today’s important win. I expect criticism because I did not have a good season. I was determined to play better this year and I’m doing it well, “said Džeko.

His hesitancy from the first act was corrected by Stuper Koulibala in the 58th minute and celebrated the first goal for more than two years.” Wolves “definitely decided on their victory at the end of the 85th minute after a successful pass in the defense, Salah ran to Rein himself and finished coldly.Naples was home in the league for the first time since last May.

Pescara and Sampdoria Genoa are coming to a win for several games, 1: 1 in a match. Sampdoria striker Patrik Schick did not get into the game.

There is little point we should have won, said Hejda

The defender of the Pilsen footballers Lukáš Hejd saw the cause of the loss of two points in the Slovak game, mainly because he did not manage to overcome the consistent defensive wave of his opponent. The defender of the title had an overwhelming pressure in the second half of the season, the penalty area of ​​the home team flew one center after another, but just after the action in 84th minute Hejda header secured Viktoria at least equalization and point after the draw 1: 1.

i> “It is not enough, we had to win this match.” After a series of last five victories, we consider today’s draw to be a great loss, not only because we lost contact with Mladá Boleslav, ” said Hejda. > The main cause of unexpected stumbling saw in the early collections of the first goal. “We play the zone defense, Daniek jumped well, the ball licked his head on the back stick.Such a situation is difficult to defend, “Hejda said. ” After the head of the gate, the Slovácko was dragged. The opponent has high-quality stopwriters, they have managed to topple all the high balls. We had a hard time getting a more worthy chance, “he added.

In the first half of the season, Pilsen did not have much chance of settling, playing quite passively. they said that we had to attack a lot on the wings and to bend the ball in front of the goal. Which we did well. But the opponent was in front of his goal in sufficient numbers and he was able to turn all the balls and the bullets to block, “Hejda wrote.

He often took part in the offensive. they did not. It was the tactic of the opponent, “he said.minute of iniciative Petrzela started a goal match. “I’ve stayed in the penalty area after a standard situation, I felt nobody was watching me, and I was putting on such a bite, so I tried to put the ball in the way of the goalkeeper, which was done,” Hejda described.

One minute before the lawn wounded the defender Butcher and Pilsen played in weakness. “Even at ten, we went to the win, even though the opponent had a numerical advantage, he was staggered, we did not want to attack, we were pounding it, but it was not that, even the center of the goal was less. “He added.

The last time Pilsen lost points almost two months ago when it lost at home with Zlín 0: 2.

Trpišovský was very disappointed, on Sunday said Liberec will lead

Coach Jindřich Trpišovský has suffered the worst possible disappointment after the unfortunate defeat of Liberec with PAOK Thessaloniki in the European League 1: 2. He is sorry that Slovan has only a point after two rounds of the group, but still believes he will fight for the rest of the game. At the same time, he said that in the Sunday league match with Teplice, the North Bohemian team will surely lead, although Sparta will be coming in the last days. “If I had to score on a scale from one to ten, that’s it , in terms of disappointment, about ten after two very good performances in the group we have only one point, which is very little, we got a goal in Karabach in the 93th minute, today we do not have a point today.So the group is bitter for us, “Trpišovský said at a news conference.

But his creditors were praising for the performance after the infectious virus and the quarantine had been praised, Slovan was more active, quickly led, but his opponent and a rare chance at the 82nd minute decided.

“Hat down before the guys. In the situation in which they were, they made the absolute maximum. We had to alternate and five players played in spasms or with total exhaustion. The player’s movement was seen to be more in them, “said Trpišovský.

” It turned out that in the first phase players would be fresh, but unfortunately from about 75 minutes were gone.It does not change the fact that for many players it has been admirable and beyond the limit, “he added.

Today’s defeat did not count on the consequences of virosis, but on effectiveness in the match. he scored the penalty in the second half, fired twice from a distance and then scored a goal from one chance. We had two big chances, we put a stick, “said Liberec coach.

After Fiorentina’s win over Karabakh, Liberec is losing three points to the first two places. ” Today’s results mean, that we must win at least two of the four matches. Loss at home with PAOK, especially such a match, is a major complication to progress.But I hope we will play for the last round in Thessaloniki, “Trpišovský said.

” Losing four rounds before the end of the three-point progress is complicated. But last year we had zero points, went to Marseille and finally it was different. It will be about efficiency and how we play. I believe that in other matches football will be good for us, “he added.

In the last days of his arrival, Sparta is looking for a new coach after Zdeněk Ščasný. Trpišovský Liberec will lead “Surely yes,” answered the question.

We lost our heads, De Boer did not understand shocking loss with Hapoel

Coach Frank de Boer has hardly absorbed the unexpected defeat of Inter Milan in a home match against Israeli outsider Hapoel Beer Sheva at the start of the group stage of the European League. Result 0: 2 was incomprehensible to him, because his superiors had a match under control. The Dutch coach, whose team will be on the 29th of September at Sparta Prague, according to the Italian media, after a bad start to the season, is even threatening to be thrown out.

The guests decided on the sensational triumph at San Siru in the second half. 54 minutes into the match, Miguel Vítor was awarded a penalty with Maor Buzaglo with 69 minutes of the match played. Hapoel still did not make any other promising options.

“I do not understand how we could lose our head this way by losing only 0: 1.We had enough time to get together, “De Boer told reporters.

” We did not play well just in the first fifteen minutes when we were too losing the balls. I was angry because we had the chance to score the first goal, “added the coach forty-four.

At the biggest opportunity of the Inter for the unprofitable state, Éder scored a stick. . Unfortunately, we did not get into the lead when I did not change the chance. We got away psychically and we were unable to react to their goal. It was an ugly defeat, “said a 19-year-old striker.

De Boer has won only one of four competitive matches after his arrival from Ajax, Amsterdam.On Sunday, Inter hosts acting champion Juventus Torino, and if he loses, the former defender may be supposed to replace the experienced coach Fabio Capello. “In the second half I have long seen the kind of football I want from my players. The only thing we have to do is not to change our philosophy when we are under pressure, I believe that if we believe we can defeat Juventus, “De Boer said.

Israeli champion was from an unexpected victory enthusiastic. “I’m very happy with this fantastic result.” Inter is exceptional and remains a top team, but we have forced him to play badly, “said Beer Sheva coach Barak Bakhar.

Baroš also scored in the third match of the European League

Milan Baros striker Liberec against home Karabakh has kept his excellent balance in the group stage of the European League. The former representative cannon took the third round of the competition for the third time and scored for the third time. “I did not know that I had such a balance, I’m glad,” he said. with a smile to journalists Baroš, who to date played in the European League two games for Galatasaray Istanbul in 2009 and both scored a goal. In the cups, including the preludes, he was six years old.

The second best shooter of the Czech national history championship came out in 68.minute shot by Egon Vůch and sent Slovan to the lead 2: 1. “I was moving, trying not to be in the offside.” The shot of Egon was flowing from the opponent, the goalie pulled it out of the line at the last moment and I only tried to hit the gate, the deck was de facto simple, “

He also signed under the first goal of Liberec after ten seconds, which was the fastest in the history of the European League. He scored the start of his opponent and Jan Sýkora then scored. “Their player did it badly, we were going to attack the ball, we did not play, the balloon did not shoot, I picked it up, it went to the loop, a bit of luck to Syky and it turned it down,” Baros said.

“Nobody expected a quick goal.Everyone just wishes, everybody says we want to score a quick goal, and we did it today in record time. I think he helped us. It is a shame we let them quite soon. When we were in the lead, they were more nervous and able to play better. “ Regrettably, Baroš compensated the goal in the seventh minute.

The point despite the second collector took the set. is sometimes beautiful, sometimes cruel. Today, we have failed to maintain leadership. But the point is deserved. They played excellently in the first half. We had a bit more in the second half, we started to combine and attack more “, Baros said.

” We scored two goals in the match, if we had three points it would be a bit happy.They would be important, but the point could be counted in the final. It’s the first game, the point from the outside…For the point we went and we got it, so we have to be satisfied. Although the settlement came at the end, “he added.

The kordula was still hurting, poisoning the other, it sounded in court

According to witnesses who spoke today at the Hodonin District Court in the case of the lawsuit of the Vice-President of the Czech Football Association Romana Berbra and former Chiefs of the Judges Panel Dagmar Damkova to former referee Antonín Kordul, Berbr criticized Kordula for his presentation of his state of health. Kordula wants to apologize for statements in the media.

According to some media reports, Cordula has suggested that Judge Damková was not the judge, but her life partner Berbr, who does not have any powers .Witnesses who had already spoken in the middle of June before the Hodonin court also spoke of humiliating referees and verbal attacks on the Berber side.

Today, among others, the former referee, Robert Hájek, testified. According to him, Berbr told Kordul in his seminars that he should think about how he presented his state of health, how he was discussing him, and how he was preparing for matches and reviews. “He criticized me among other things, his remarks were material and shocking,” said Hájek.

Former first-round referee and current sports director FK Příbram Michal Paták said that Kordula was still hurt . He also translates to him the term of physical tests that he did not even end up after a vacation.Berbr, according to him, told Kordul at the seminar that, due to his state of health, his colleagues ceased to be annoyed by the referees.

Similarly, the South Bohemian judge Jan Jilek said today. “The content of the announcement was to bother colleagues before and after the match, and that his apologies are not working professionally,” Jílek said.

that Berbr and Damkova talked about the referees from Moravia as the Asians. Jilek said that was not meant to be serious.According to him, the judges, on the basis of the quote from the series, are sometimes joking when they go to Moravia to go to Asia. “But that’s not a shame, it’s just joking,” Jilek said.

The Kordula is not the only one who is in dispute with Berber and Damk. The case was also filed with Libor Kovařík, who started the affair. They demand 800,000 crowns and an apology. After another critic, the former representative Ladislav Visek wants 100,000 crowns and an apology, after an ex-judge Tomas Kovařík they wanted an apology. The Prague court has already ruled in this case in favor of the lawsuit, but Kovařík was preparing an appeal. The court in Hodonín continues the afternoon by interrogating other witnesses. Final speech and verdict could be heard in the first half of October.

Ceferin has criticized the increase in seats in the Champions League for the elite leagues

UEFA President-designate Aleksandar Ceferin has criticized the guarantee of 16 seats in the Champions League for clubs from the four most powerful leagues. He is particularly concerned that it was a secret deal that he has not met.

The problem is that we did not know that he was doing something like that. Me, but all 55 national associations, “said Ceferin in an interview with the AP.

The UEFA Executive Committee, after the last meeting, announced that Bet365 for the years 2018-2021 they will have four strongest leagues (currently Spanish , English, German and Italian) guaranteed 16 seats in the Leader League’s core groups compared to the eleven. UEFA responded to the threat of big clubs to set up their own competition.But it is not clear what it means for other leagues, as a detailed progress key is still underway.

“It was misrepresented, no one knows what it is. with others and that’s why clubs and associations are upset now, “said a forty-year-old Slovenian lawyer.

According to him, the ideal model is the current system where even teams of elite leagues must pass through the Champions League Preliminary.

Just the problem around the Champions League makes Ceferina the favorite of the Wednesday’s election of UEFA President. Even the second candidate, Michael van Praag, criticized the decision, but as a former Ajax boss he is closer to big clubs than Chef.Slovenia has only twice in the Champions League, Maribor.

“The Super League does not seem to be worth it for me, I will do everything to make it not come, I am sure clubs do not want to leave It would be boring to play a closed league, and it would mean a war with UEFA, “said Ceferin. “Now clubs have pushed as UEFA was without a leader (after President Michel Platini’s resignation in May), but at the same time I realize that big clubs are important to us because they bring a lot of money and we have to sit down and discuss the future. added.

The head of the Slovenian Association believes he will win the Wednesday election. According to its statement, promised support for at least 32 of the 55 associations.If that happens, UEFA wants to turn it into a more transparent organization just as it is now in FIFA.

“UEFA is not internally disturbed, public opinion is worse than UEFA deserves. We have to set limits for the period in office, because it is not possible for someone to do one function for 20 years, ” indicated the planned changes.

Derby Baník and Opava are sold out

Wednesday’s match of Baník Ostrava and Opava will overcome the second league’s record. According to the home club, fans have broken over twelve thousand tickets, and the stadium in Vítkovice will be sold out in the Silesian derby, even if the match will be seen in direct TV broadcast. The police are also preparing for the match, which described the match as risky. In the past, several rivals of Silesian rivals have been accompanied by widespread violence and rioting.

“The interest in the game in the last few days has increased so much that we would be able to sell a few more thousand tickets, unfortunately the capacity is not inflatable” Monika Matulová, manager of ticketing at Banja Monika, told the club website.The prestigious duel of the Silesian rivals overcame the record-breaking visit to the history of the second league, which attracted 10,252 spectators in the 1994/95 Opava and Prostejov matches. The Ostrava team managed to sell the stadium in Vítkovice for the first time since the relocation of Bazals. For the last time on Baník came over 12 thousand people in May 2014 on a duel with Slavia.

The Ostrava footballers will be sold out home after a long twelve years. All their tickets were dealt lastly in March 2004 for a match against Slovácko, which monitored 18,020 spectators in Bazala.This season, Baník won the title.

Due to fears of the riots of fans, it will be ready to hit up to 200 police officers and city police officers. “The police and traffic police, as well as members of the special police unit and the criminals, are involved in the measure,” spokeswoman of the Moravia-Silesian police Gabriela Holčáková said. She added that the police do not yet plan to supervise the transport of fans. “In connection with the match, we will strengthen the connection at 16:42 from Opava with arrival at Vítkovice at 17:29 and at 21:30 from Vítkovice with arrival to Opava at 22:38.We put together two CityElefant sets that together have a capacity of about 600 seats, “said Czech Railways spokesperson Monika Bezuchová.

Duely Baník and Opava belong to the category of risk. in 2004, Opava reached some 3500 Baník fans from the Ostrava and Slovakia and some of them were already on the train, they pulled iron bars , which are used for luggage storage, and they then used in the skirmishes with policemen and fans of Opava.After the match, the core of the Ostrava hooligans, led by a large group from the Polish Katowice, attacked the domestic supporters sector, which had a hard time clashed with police heavyweight. Eight police officers were injured. The club’s management estimated the damage to the stadium at 250,000 crowns.

The group stage of the Champions League starts, and three Czechs will play on Tuesday

Eight matches will start Tuesday’s Champions League main stage, and three of the four Czech footballers to compete on the first day of the competition, who will bring the lot to A. Basile with goalkeeper Tomáš Vaclík and staser Mark Suchý will welcome the Bulgarian conqueror of Pilsen from the final round, Ludogorec Razgrad and Arsenal with the goalie Petr Cech, will be presented in the evening at the favor of Paris St. Germain.

The French team left the star, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and coach Laurent Blanc, a wealthy club but he does not want to lose his high ambitions.The new Spanish coach Unai Emery, who won Sevilla three times in a row, won the European League. “I believe we can go far and we want to point out our options immediately against Arsenal,” Emery said.

Germain lost only one of the last 39 home games in the cups, but Arsenal was successful on French soil, winning seven times in a row. “The PSG is one of the cofounders of the competition, but we want to move from the group, it will be a good test for the introduction and I believe we will score,” said Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, who will be present in his native France. / p>

In the second duel of Group A, Basel will repeat the Prelude duel with Ludogorce.The Bulgarian champion won home 1-0 in the home, but the Swiss team won 4: 0 and the favorite is now.

Vaclav and Suchy can partially avenge Pilsen, who lost to Razgrad in the final prelude after losing 0 : 2 away and 2-2 draw at home. “I saw both matches with Pilsen, so we know what to expect from them, and we have experience with them two years ago,” said Vaclik, who is expecting a goalkeepers match with Arsenal.

In addition to Emery, Carlo Ancelotti and Josep Guardiola will take their first cup on the bench of their new employers.The first to win with Bayern Munich all four matches at 15: 0 and against the newcomer to the Russian Rostov competition is nothing but a clear win.

If the Bavarian unit confirms the role of favorite, the 13th home win in the cups will overcome record Manchester United. Rostov has a strong defense, occasionally with five defenders, so it will not be easy to find space, “said an experienced Italian coach Ancelotti.

Also, Guardiol is doing well in the new engagement, with Manchester City won all six match matches in the season, including the weekend derby on United (2: 1).The English team on Tuesday will welcome Mönchengladbach, who twice defeated in the base group of last year. Barcelona against Celtic Glasgow will try to offset the shocking weekend defeat 1: 2 with the newcomer of the Spanish league Alaves. “We defeated the defeat with Alaves, we have broken the mistakes and I believe we will correct it against Celtic,” said coach Luis Enrique. Catalan club will strive for the twelfth home win in the cups behind.

In the game will also be the finalist of last year’s Atlético Madrid. The Spanish team will repeat the spring eightfinal duel with PSV Eindhoven, through which he has made two missless draws to a penalty.

The remaining eight matches of the first round are played on Wednesday.