Ceferin has criticized the increase in seats in the Champions League for the elite leagues

UEFA President-designate Aleksandar Ceferin has criticized the guarantee of 16 seats in the Champions League for clubs from the four most powerful leagues. He is particularly concerned that it was a secret deal that he has not met. The problem is that we did not know that he was doing something like that. Me, but all 55 national associations, “said Ceferin in an interview with the AP. The UEFA Executive Committee, after the last meeting, announced that Bet365 for the years 2018-2021 they will have four strongest leagues (currently Spanish , English, German and Italian) guaranteed 16 seats in the Leader League’s core groups compared to the eleven. UEFA responded to the threat of big clubs to set up their own competition.But it is not clear what it means for other leagues, as a detailed progress key is still underway. “It was misrepresented, no one knows what it is. with others and that’s why clubs and associations are upset now, “said a forty-year-old Slovenian lawyer. According to him, the ideal model is the current system where even teams of elite leagues must pass through the Champions League Preliminary. Just the problem around the Champions League makes Ceferina the favorite of the Wednesday’s election of UEFA President. Even the second candidate, Michael van Praag, criticized the decision, but as a former Ajax boss he is closer to big clubs than Chef.Slovenia has only twice in the Champions League, Maribor. “The Super League does not seem to be worth it for me, I will do everything to make it not come, I am sure clubs do not want to leave It would be boring to play a closed league, and it would mean a war with UEFA, “said Ceferin. “Now clubs have pushed as UEFA was without a leader (after President Michel Platini’s resignation in May), but at the same time I realize that big clubs are important to us because they bring a lot of money and we have to sit down and discuss the future. added. The head of the Slovenian Association believes he will win the Wednesday election. According to its statement, promised support for at least 32 of the 55 associations.If that happens, UEFA wants to turn it into a more transparent organization just as it is now in FIFA. “UEFA is not internally disturbed, public opinion is worse than UEFA deserves. We have to set limits for the period in office, because it is not possible for someone to do one function for 20 years, ” indicated the planned changes.