We have to take the point with humility, he says after the draw in Teplice Šilhavý

The fighters did not keep the lead in the first match under the new coach Jaroslav Šilhavý in Teplice and in the 6th league just drew 2: 2. In a match full of chances, Slavia managed to score goals from Mirek Mešanovič and Jaroslav Mihalík to score after Tomáš Vondrášek’s home goal. But Teplice still managed to answer in the end thanks to David Vaněček. “I have to surrender the compliment to the Teplice, they have played the league excellently We have to take the point with humility It was not as compact as we could , the game was very scattered.But the players are working in the training so I believe that it will go up, “ said after the game Shilvy. His premiere was curious so many fanciers that they did not even have the basic sector for the fans and the organizers had to let them go to the next, but he did not give a lot of news to the team – besides the changes forced by the injuries, he changed only the goal keeper, where Berkovka replaced Pavlenka in the goal. after the initial embarrassing ten-minute he had two big chances, both of which were Škoda – first headed to the center on the left side and hit the pole, then back to the small lime on a back pass from Van Kessela and just overpowered.This dominance lasted only a few minutes, as the home quickly sealed the center of the pitch and began to threaten themselves. And after a few chances, the goal came. Vondrášek drew the ball through the middle before the lime and fired, but the shadowing shooter Bílek the ball ran to the opponent of the goalie Pavlenka. After the pause Slavia added to the front and started to have a slight superiority, but for a long time it was rather domestic. In the 47th minute after the center of Nivalda fired on the back stick Vaněček, but only in the side net, 66 minutes after Vaněček’s shot after the defeat knocked the defenders into the side net. When the Mešanovič came after Van Kessela offensive Vršovice little he shuffled and eventually brought the equalization. Hušbauer in 73.He moved to the right side of Mihalíka, whose goal was to score for Mešanovič. Teplic’s center of the backs began to have visible problems with movement and Slavia started to push in lime. In the 84th minute, Barak took center stage at the back of the bar, just a few minutes after he got into the net, when he shot the ball close to the net Mihalík. “When it turns out this is nice, of course, “ Slavia had already left a lot of space for fast home breads and managed only to happiness, and the leadership managed to defend only three minutes. At 88.”We saw an interesting match mainly for the spectators, Slavie made a few chances, but after 25 minutes we started to play we were good at Slavia, but we were coming out with the breaks, we had to insure it, Slavia went through excellent turns, turned the match, but it helped us to balance, both teams had opportunities, such a draw is fair, Teacher Daniel Šmejkal was rated.