Trpišovský was very disappointed, on Sunday said Liberec will lead

Coach Jindřich Trpišovský has suffered the worst possible disappointment after the unfortunate defeat of Liberec with PAOK Thessaloniki in the European League 1: 2. He is sorry that Slovan has only a point after two rounds of the group, but still believes he will fight for the rest of the game. At the same time, he said that in the Sunday league match with Teplice, the North Bohemian team will surely lead, although Sparta will be coming in the last days. “If I had to score on a scale from one to ten, that’s it , in terms of disappointment, about ten after two very good performances in the group we have only one point, which is very little, we got a goal in Karabach in the 93th minute, today we do not have a point today.So the group is bitter for us, “Trpišovský said at a news conference. But his creditors were praising for the performance after the infectious virus and the quarantine had been praised, Slovan was more active, quickly led, but his opponent and a rare chance at the 82nd minute decided. “Hat down before the guys. In the situation in which they were, they made the absolute maximum. We had to alternate and five players played in spasms or with total exhaustion. The player’s movement was seen to be more in them, “said Trpišovský. ” It turned out that in the first phase players would be fresh, but unfortunately from about 75 minutes were gone.It does not change the fact that for many players it has been admirable and beyond the limit, “he added. Today’s defeat did not count on the consequences of virosis, but on effectiveness in the match. he scored the penalty in the second half, fired twice from a distance and then scored a goal from one chance. We had two big chances, we put a stick, “said Liberec coach. After Fiorentina’s win over Karabakh, Liberec is losing three points to the first two places. ” Today’s results mean, that we must win at least two of the four matches. Loss at home with PAOK, especially such a match, is a major complication to progress.But I hope we will play for the last round in Thessaloniki, “Trpišovský said. ” Losing four rounds before the end of the three-point progress is complicated. But last year we had zero points, went to Marseille and finally it was different. It will be about efficiency and how we play. I believe that in other matches football will be good for us, “he added. In the last days of his arrival, Sparta is looking for a new coach after Zdeněk Ščasný. Trpišovský Liberec will lead “Surely yes,” answered the question.