There is little point we should have won, said Hejda

The defender of the Pilsen footballers Lukáš Hejd saw the cause of the loss of two points in the Slovak game, mainly because he did not manage to overcome the consistent defensive wave of his opponent. The defender of the title had an overwhelming pressure in the second half of the season, the penalty area of ​​the home team flew one center after another, but just after the action in 84th minute Hejda header secured Viktoria at least equalization and point after the draw 1: 1. i> “It is not enough, we had to win this match.” After a series of last five victories, we consider today’s draw to be a great loss, not only because we lost contact with Mladá Boleslav, ” said Hejda. > The main cause of unexpected stumbling saw in the early collections of the first goal. “We play the zone defense, Daniek jumped well, the ball licked his head on the back stick.Such a situation is difficult to defend, “Hejda said. ” After the head of the gate, the Slovácko was dragged. The opponent has high-quality stopwriters, they have managed to topple all the high balls. We had a hard time getting a more worthy chance, “he added. In the first half of the season, Pilsen did not have much chance of settling, playing quite passively. they said that we had to attack a lot on the wings and to bend the ball in front of the goal. Which we did well. But the opponent was in front of his goal in sufficient numbers and he was able to turn all the balls and the bullets to block, “Hejda wrote. He often took part in the offensive. they did not. It was the tactic of the opponent, “he said.minute of iniciative Petrzela started a goal match. “I’ve stayed in the penalty area after a standard situation, I felt nobody was watching me, and I was putting on such a bite, so I tried to put the ball in the way of the goalkeeper, which was done,” Hejda described. One minute before the lawn wounded the defender Butcher and Pilsen played in weakness. “Even at ten, we went to the win, even though the opponent had a numerical advantage, he was staggered, we did not want to attack, we were pounding it, but it was not that, even the center of the goal was less. “He added. The last time Pilsen lost points almost two months ago when it lost at home with Zlín 0: 2.