Baroš also scored in the third match of the European League

Milan Baros striker Liberec against home Karabakh has kept his excellent balance in the group stage of the European League. The former representative cannon took the third round of the competition for the third time and scored for the third time. “I did not know that I had such a balance, I’m glad,” he said. with a smile to journalists Baroš, who to date played in the European League two games for Galatasaray Istanbul in 2009 and both scored a goal. In the cups, including the preludes, he was six years old. The second best shooter of the Czech national history championship came out in 68.minute shot by Egon Vůch and sent Slovan to the lead 2: 1. “I was moving, trying not to be in the offside.” The shot of Egon was flowing from the opponent, the goalie pulled it out of the line at the last moment and I only tried to hit the gate, the deck was de facto simple, “ He also signed under the first goal of Liberec after ten seconds, which was the fastest in the history of the European League. He scored the start of his opponent and Jan Sýkora then scored. “Their player did it badly, we were going to attack the ball, we did not play, the balloon did not shoot, I picked it up, it went to the loop, a bit of luck to Syky and it turned it down,” Baros said. “Nobody expected a quick goal.Everyone just wishes, everybody says we want to score a quick goal, and we did it today in record time. I think he helped us. It is a shame we let them quite soon. When we were in the lead, they were more nervous and able to play better. “ Regrettably, Baroš compensated the goal in the seventh minute. The point despite the second collector took the set. is sometimes beautiful, sometimes cruel. Today, we have failed to maintain leadership. But the point is deserved. They played excellently in the first half. We had a bit more in the second half, we started to combine and attack more “, Baros said. ” We scored two goals in the match, if we had three points it would be a bit happy.They would be important, but the point could be counted in the final. It’s the first game, the point from the outside…For the point we went and we got it, so we have to be satisfied. Although the settlement came at the end, “he added.